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"Thanks for following up aboutthe delivery. The delivery went perfectly, and we like the couch very much. The delivery guys had to remove two of the feet to get it through the door; that was the only hitch, and it wasn’t a problem."


The Premier features a high-density, high-resiliency, all foam mattress that provides superior comfort for your guests. It is protected with a Crypton mattress ticking, a waterproof, stain-proof covering that resists allergens and dust mites!

Firm - the most popular

The Gel offers a blended foam mattress, mixing a foam base with a "gel foam" topper for coolness and support. The unique design supports air and moisture movement, creating a cooler sleeping experience. The Gel mattress provides our softest, coolest sleep!

Soft and Cool

The Tempur-Pedic absorbs motion and contours to the exact shape of your body, offering the deepest, most undisturbed sleep! You will be the ultimate host providing the most luxurious sleep sofa on the market to your guests!

Body Heat Activated Pressure Relief

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