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Covid-19 Delivery Protocols

At Rubenstein's we have years of experience executing flawless, trouble-free and safe sleeper sofa deliveries

  • We now offer NO-CONTACT delivery for our valued customers who might be concerned about the safety of having furniture delivered to your home during the COVID-19 pandemic. These are certainly challenging times, but with the "Stay Home" orders it's more important than ever to have comfort at home. We have taken extreme measures to protect you, your family and our trained movers including the use of masks and gloves when handling the packaged product. From the time it leaves the factory in Dallas, Texas to the time it's placed in your designated spot, your American Leather Comfort Sleeper has had zero human contact. At your discretion, our team will place your Sofa Sleeper in the room of your choice or leave it in another designated area. We ask that you share as much information as possible at the time of purchase as a way to decrease time spent together, avoid unnecessary interaction and to comply with health authority guidelines. We will avoid skin-to-skin contact and maintain social distancing. Your signature is not required - we will take a photo of your product, once delivered, as proof of receipt.

Additional Delivery Protocols

  • Worried that delivery of your Comfort Sleeper to your home will present problems due to size? No worries! All of our Comfort Sleepers can be disassembled for easy delivery. Our technicians are skilled at the rapid disassembly of our sleeper sofas so that the parts can be easily moved into the desired space and then re-assembled without damage to the furniture or your home. This service is included - no unexpected headaches or extra fees.

  • We will communicate with you about your order and your delivery like no other business you've dealt with!

  1. We will let you know when your order has been placed with American Leather.

  2. We will let you know when the expected completion date is and when shipping will be.

  3. We will let you know when your order has shipped.

  4. We will let you know when you can expect it to be delivered.

  5. We always make every effort to deliver on the best delivery date for you, then confirm the exact day and approximate time of day your delivery will take place.

  6. We will let you know when the truck is on it's way to your home.

  7. We're available to help in the event that there is any delay or unexpected circumstance.

  8. We will make sure that the delivery was successful and that you are happy with your new furniture.

Please note: If disassembly of your Comfort Sleeper is required to deliver at your home, zero-contact service is not available.

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